Outdoors for All

Seasons passing, landscapes shifting; if I have learned anything from connecting to nature it is the profound grace in change. It’s natural, it’s never-ending, and it is for all of us to experience.

It’s laughable and humbling how life flows in this same ever-transforming dance of inspiration and loss. The more I notice the subtle shifts in the natural world around me- wildflowers kissing the edges of the trail in the Spring, or the performance of the earth pulling the sunset into it differently each night- the more I can identify the beauty in change in every area of life.

Harnessing change, I am proud to launch our rebrand, adding “Our” to the beginning of Outdoors Explored. With this “Our”, we commit to exploring the outdoors and the way it connects us to ourselves, to other people, and to the world around us. This digital place started as a collection of my lessons from the outdoors, and hiking notes to look back on, and has since shifted into something that is less about my own experience, and more about making the outdoors more approachable for each one of us. 

We are an imaginative worldview; harnessing lifestyle design to find time outdoors in today’s fast-paced world. 

We are a collection of guidance, as outdoors for all starts with education and approachability. For the tired professional who can’t find a moment to break away, for the busy mom who feels intimidated taking her kids hiking alone- for the movement of getting outside and using it as a tool once again. 

We are a collective of stories; ones of healing, discovery, and rooting in truth. We are the tales of releasing societal norms to make room for rediscovering our intimate relationship with the natural world and harnessing our sacred intuition to use its power in our everyday lives.

This is ours to grasp and make our own, to imagine, to preserve, to advocate for, to connect to.

This is Our Outdoors Explored! 

– Madison Ford

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