West Glacier Wonderland | Introducing the Mooshroom Yurt

Nestled on a private piece of land, just 7 miles from Glacier National Park’s West entrance, sits the Mooshroom Yurt- a 20-foot sanctuary that can sleep up to 6. My husband and I were headed into the park the next day and kicking off our adventure at the Yurt seemed to spur a sense of adventure and passion that carried throughout the rest of the roadtrip.

Upon arrival at the property, we were greeted by the warm welcome and smile of the owner, Terri, who gave us a short tour of her Montana oasis. Her property hosts opportunities for any kind of adventure, including camping spots, yurts, and even a teepee tent. Terri’s love for the space she has built is apparent in every detail, from the unique moose and mushroom decor freckled throughout the property, to the home-grown herb garden available for guests to pick from. In the center of it all sits a newly-built guest house that includes a kitchen area and private showers (something we needed desperately by this point in our road trip).

The Yurt is surrounded by wild daisies, a barbeque, a private toilet, and a comfy hammock for relaxing outside. The area is backdropped by trees and the nearby Apgar mountains, and is quite secluded from the rest of the property, yet just a 2 minute walk from the guesthouse.

Stepping into the yurt, one can see that the round formation is securely mounted by strong wood beams that surround a round, glass center of the ceiling for natural light during the day and star-gazing in the evening. Like many other unique elements of Terri’s private land, including the custom metalwork, the Yurt was developed by a local Montana business. The interior is quite spacious, allowing for easy cooking and room to stretch before hiking the next day. 

We discovered the opportunity to fold out the pull out bed to sleep two, if one prefers to snuggle up for stargazing instead of taking advantage of one of the 4 bunk bed spots. We were also thankful to find out that as wild as our experience felt, the fortress did include electricity to charge our phones before the long day ahead, and even featured a mini fridge to keep our things cool overnight. 

Thanks to Terri’s advice, we woke up before the sun to drive into the park to avoid the crowds at 5:30 am. Our hearts ached as we checked out of our little slice of heaven, but the sore goodbye was soon replaced by anticipation because after driving over a thousand miles, this was the day we would travel into the park! Staying at one of the closest accommodations to the Glacier National Park West Entrance became even more convenient as we were able to pack up and enter the park by 6:00 am with no wait. 

We appreciated being able to drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road with hardly anyone else in sight, feeling the crisp morning air as we witnessed the sunrise against the jagged peaks. We spent the day hiking, paddleboarding, and swimming around the park, and as we watched the sun melt into Lake McDonald as it came to an end, we couldn’t help but look back to the beginning of it our day, watching the morning sun brighten the night sky from the comfort of our own West-Entrance wonderland.

To kick off your Glacier experience right, visit the Mooshroom Yurt yourself! You can find it on AirBnb here

Take care,
Madison Ford

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