Rustic Stone Cabin Adventure | Leavenworth, WA

Head off-grid for an authentic dive into a wild wonderland at The Rustic Stone Cabin, just outside of downtown Leavenworth, WA. Discovering this seemingly uncharted place, tucked into the natural elements requires an exchange- leaving behind porcelain bathtubs and phone service for a raw experience. “This isn’t Disney,” the owner mentions in the listing- a fair warning for something even greater, I would say.

The Cabin
Built into a natural stone wall and detailed with renovated skis for flare, the Rustic Stone Cabin offers a dog-friendly, simple indoor experience while also including the comfort of a heater, fireplace, dim-light system, and 3 beds to sleep 6. You would think that this unique homestead would be the highlight of the property, but the magic doesn’t end at the front door. The cabin is built on private land that includes several other extraordinary cabins, surrounding trails, and spots to cook over the fire and play outdoor games.

Eat as the Mountaineers Do
When we arrived with our pug pack of 2, my husband and I unloaded steak and veggies that we skewered and grilled over an open fire. The hearty meal was complemented by the natural smoky flavor, fresh air, and alpine backdrop that eased us into the night ahead.

The Woodland Jacuzzi
After dinner, we built another fire to heat the inground hot tub with the provided wood and waited for it to warm as we settled into the cabin. With the help of an underwater furnace, the natural hot tub is heated by a guest-made fire, adding to the instinctual element of the experience. The privacy of soaking in the water was enhanced by subtle woodland sounds combined with the soft movement of the stream running next to us- creating an indescribable stargazing experience. The tub water is derived from a natural waterfall and stream, which we found refreshing upon getting out, compared to the dry, itchy feeling that even the nicest hotel hot tubs leave. There is a provided shower on-site, but the comfortable exit of the natural water transitioned us into bedtime seemingly by nature.

The Ease of the Natural World
In the morning, we woke early and decided to explore the trail system lining the northern side of the property and were greeted by the chirp of an early-rising Marmot. After only 5 minutes of walking, we came upon a flattened viewpoint, overlooking mountains to the south- with a conveniently placed bench to take it all in. We were slowed by this view, savoring the fresh mountain air while practicing a bit of yoga and stretching out on the bench. “I could sit here forever,” my husband said with his eyes closed. “Let’s do it.” We laughed and took a few more deep breaths before moving on to the waterfall just a few paces away. 

As we and the tail-waggers, tracking behind us, followed a familiar rushing sound, we came across a dream-like forest setting presenting a 50-foot waterfall that seemed to glide down the rock wall in slow motion. We laid down a blanket and stared up at it, letting the sunshine hit our shoulders as we daydreamed about our nearby hike ahead, South Wedge Mountain. This serine spot helped inspire our journey and eased us into a day full of exploration as we promised to return again. 

Thank you to the team at the Rustic Stone Cabin for having us and partnering with me on this. If you are interested in visiting the cabin, you can simply find them on Airbnb here.

Until next time, 
Madison Ford

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