Best Backpacking Snacks (That Are Not Trailmix)

The trek from camp to camp can be a long journey, and if you’re like me- the snacks make it a hell of a lot easier. A suitable trail snack to me is something that you can eat while moving, you don’t need to cook, and does not create much waste to pack back. Here are a few of my favorites to get your gut growlin’.

Raw Fruit

An undeniable first choice for snacking while hiking is raw fruit. Although there are dried and bar versions, there’s something primal about sinking your teeth into a juicy piece of fruit. I always pack an apple because they don’t need to be refrigerated, are tougher so they can be tossed around in my pack, and they are zero waste if you bury the core to decompose. 

Tip- I like to bring a ziplock bag with me, just for small remains like the sticker on apples or the peel of an orange. By doing this, I can pack it out with me without the smell of fruit remains muddling up the rest of my gear.

Justin’s Squeeze Packs

These raw peanut, cashew or almond butter protein packets are Gluten-free and responsibly sourced and can be found at pretty much any food retailer. These are perfect for throwing in your pack and snacking on the move, or squeezing a bit over your oats in the morning for a bit of density to keep you going throughout the next day of hiking. I have been guilty of stashing a few in my glovebox in case of a dire emergency snack attack, and they didn’t last long.

Dried Meats

Lastly, for the fellow non-vegan hikers in Washington state and beyond, try packing a bit of landjaeger or jerky! I love grabbing a piece of landjaeger at the best meat market in Central Washington, Owen’s Meats, on the way to a trailhead in the cascades. The saltiness and substance of the meat tastes even better in the backcountry and allows me to support a local business. 

These snacks are waste-free and require no refrigeration, but be sure to practice proper food storage at night by sealing your food in a bear bag and propelling it into tree branches with rope, as a variety of wildlife can smell through sealed bags and might just want a bite too! 

Have fun,
Madison Ford


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