A Hidden Farmhouse Oasis in Cle Elum, WA

Nestled in the Southern hillside of Cle Elum, overlooking farmland that lines the ridge, is a secret slice of heaven with sincere charm, featuring a 100-year-old renovated farmhouse on 25 acres of picturesque countryside.

As I pulled into the crackling gravel driveway, lined with acreage surrounding The Farm at Peoh Point, my jaw dropped. Horses trotted towards the white ranch gate as I admired a long deck bordering the entire home, a backyard pool, and a large barbecue and firepit area that sparked ideas for the night ahead. 

Walking into the Farmhouse, there is a daybed and a large living room lit up by beautiful string lights strung from the timber beams above. 

“This is a dream, there’s no wonder they have a 5 star Airbnb rating,” I thought to myself.

I continued further, chasing the natural light flooding in from a gorgeous, farmhouse-style kitchen. It seemed as if the entire kitchen roof was held up by only windows, giving the illusion of moving landscape art pieces of active farmland meeting skyline and the Stewart mountain range in the distance.

The house has two bedrooms that are fully furnished with the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in, layered in soft paisley printed sheets and fluffy comforters that take just a few seconds to sandwich a guest to sleep. 

The master bedroom opens to a recent addition to the home- a large enclosed room with a six-person indoor hot tub and sauna that made the vintage clawfoot tub in the bathroom seem like nothing special.

My husband and I felt like we had an entire resort to ourselves for the night at the farm and we felt like kids again. We explored the provided board games and later, on our own time, dropped into the hot tub.

“I can’t believe that people pay hundreds of dollars to stay in a shared hotel,” I said as I sunk a little further into the rolling bubbles.

At a total cost of $160, guests can spend the day exploring the property and touring the farm by request before the sun sets. Check out time isn’t until late the next morning, giving guests plenty of time to talk themselves out of the comfortable bedding as I did the following day.

After finally winning myself over, I wandered into the kitchen to find a camp-style mug and coffee to fill it.  I watched the moving landscape once more, sipped my morning motivation, and felt a wave of peace roll over my thoughts.

If you are interested in enjoying this mountain-side oasis, check it out on Airbnb. I would love to hear about how it might have given you the chance to slow down and enjoy the simple things. 

Madison Ford

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