Keeping Nature Wild in Grinko Petrified Forest State Park

Grinko Petrified Forest State Park is located near Vantage, Washington and offers around 7,500 acres worth of panoramic views of the trenches that have been carved out by massive flooding through history and now serve as a host to the Columbia river. 

Ginkgo Petrified Forest is a registered national natural landmark and historic reserve. It is regarded as one of the most unusual fossil forests in the world, offering a glimpse into the past at Wanapum Native American History’s leftover treasures; well-preserved rock-paintings, petrified wood, and ancient arrowheads. The trail follows an exposed section of prehistoric Lake Vantage and winds past 22 species of petrified logs that were left where they were discovered in the 1930s. It took my breath away, being able to hike up the rugged terrain and feel the indescribable presence of those who first crossed the land.


The trail system and pathways are carved out all across the barren hillsides, encouraging you to explore as you go. Although the terrain is mostly desert, with each step you take you can expect to have a more confounding and holistic view over your shoulder as you increase altitude. 

As a woman who did this one alone, I will mention that I felt safe, as I could look up at any point and see who I was sharing the trail with at any moment. There is not any dangerous wildlife, besides an occasional rattlesnake that most likely wouldn’t harm you if you stay on the trail.

This area of the state is warmer than most, allowing me to escape from the brisk October weather of Ellensburg. I was glad to have on many layers from one of my favorite outdoor brands, Keep Nature Wild.

As my internal temperature rose and the afternoon heat fell upon me, I appreciated being able to shed my lightweight crewneck and continue on my journey in a comfortable t-shirt that allowed me to take a breath and feel the breeze on my skin on the descent.


It made me feel very proud to wear something that not only had a meaningful saying in three simple words, but also that I was supporting something bigger than myself. 

Keep Nature Wild creates outdoor-inspired goods with the mission to pick up one pound of trash for each product sold, and have picked up over 230,000 pounds of trash across the nation with the help of tens of thousands of volunteers involved in their Wild Keepers programunnamed-2.jpg

On top of this, Keep Nature Wild hosts a minimum of twelve cleanups a year, and help others do the same. Their process starts and ends with their mission in mind- creating responsible apparel that inspires explorers to get outside and keep it wild, giving back to our biggest resource for generations to come. Their team is completely transparent, providing monthly impact reports and a full breakdown of how products are created and delivered in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Not only is their apparel something I like to sport on the trail, but in every area of my life. I often throw one of their shirts under a blazer at work, to add personality to my office attire. It is a simple way to support an impactful organization while serving as a conversation starter, raising awareness for wildlife maintenance and care that is undeniably necessary.

I encourage you to explore their products to learn more about how they are making a difference and how you can help. If you want to talk more about Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park or about how you can impact the environment by voting with your dollar, shoot me an email

Keep Nature Wild, 

Madison Ford

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