Fueled By: Earnest Eats

Being someone who works full time and switches her heels for hiking boots on the weekends, I am very specific about what foods I choose to power my day. I view food as my fuel and my medicine. I see very clearly how it impacts my physical performance, mental health, and overall focus on a daily basis. From breakfast to trail snacks, I am always searching for foods that are both easy and pack a powerful punch of energy and flavor. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of workout inspired foods on the market, but I threw my hands up after years of choking down powdery protein mixes and drinks that had me plugging my nose each swig. 

It was not until I was prepping for my recent hiking and camping trip that I came across the square Earnest Eats baked whole food bars in the health food aisle. I picked up their cran lemon zest almond butter baked bar and have been hooked ever since. The bars come in a variety of chocolatey and fruity flavors and have no spray-on vitamins, protein powders, corn, peanut or soy oils. Like many folks these days, I refuse to purchase a granola bar until I flip it over and read the ingredients. I have a simple rule- if I cannot pronounce an ingredient, I do not put it in my body.


I was surprised to see that Earnest Eats makes their bars in small batches with whole nuts, fruits, seeds and grains, all fused together with rich roasted almond butter (giving them a scrumptious cookie-like texture). I’ve been sold from that first flip, in the middle of aisle 4.

Since learning about the way Earnest is raising the bar and changing the expectation of health food brands, I tried out their superfood oatmeal, which blends antioxidant-rich ingredients with hearty superfood grains, chia seeds, and an aroma of cinnamon that emanates from your bowl as soon as you add hot water, (which also happens to be the only step to making it). My love for this warm new step to my morning routine deepened when I discovered that Earnest also offers portable oatmeal cup versions that I could bring out and about with me.



30 million Americans skip breakfast every day, and Earnest dares us to be different without complicating our first meal of the day.

It is simple to make the oatmeal, just warm up some water, pour it in the cup, and leave the lid on for a few minutes.

I like to do this as I am running out the door, and let it sit in my cup holder on my way to work. I can hardly park and get into my office before pulling back the lid and being overtaken my awakening smell of spices and oats.

Knowing that I could grab a cup on the way out the door and keep it in my bag until I needed an energy boost with whole ingredients, helped the constant confliction I felt being a health-food fanatic on the move every day. It has taken the pressure off my day by not only saving me time, but by giving me the peace of mind that I am still fueling my body with the nutrition it craves and deserves. 

image5 copy.jpgYou can try out Earnest Eats products and take the hassle out of your day, from the office to the trail by visiting them at earnesteats.com

Feel fueled, 

Madison Ford


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