Moving: Tips On Staying Organized

Moving from one home to another can be one of the most stressful experiences to go through, considering that it often pairs with other life changes. All of the timing and organization that moving entails, on top of the hectic feeling that your home is in boxes, can tend to overwhelm you and leave you sitting in a pile of Goodwill items and bubble wrap.

My husband and I are both 21 years old and we have moved nearly 10 times together. Three of those being in the last year. This ain’t our first rodeo. We have definitely developed a system for moving and I thought I might share some tips on what has made our current move so easy. 

First, move what you can

Obviously, wait until the deal with your future living space is 100% complete, but initial proactivity can take a load off of the big moving day. For example, we had about two weeks to pack between when our previous lease ended and when our current one began- this period can look different for every situation, but we like to call this the “waiting period”.

During the beginning of the ‘waiting period’, we immediately started boxing up any clothing, decorations, and furniture that we knew we wouldn’t need in those 2 weeks. We left only the things we used daily including the items we needed to sleep, two pans, a few towels, our top 5 favorite outfits, and our Keurig, of course. Not only did this help take a lot of the work off of our hands when it came down to crunch time, but it actually made us realize how much stuff we had sitting around that we weren’t using. This gave us a good cushion of time to be able to think about donating items and selling others. Keep in mind that you don’t want to get too carried away. It can be easy to get excited about moving and start packing everything away, but you do not want to learn that you actually did need your bedside lamp, or some toilet paper during the waiting period after all. 

My second tip, box organization

My husband and I like to buy the medium-size boxes from Home Depot for packing larger, sturdier items, and smaller boxes for more delicate items. We label the side and top of each one with the name of what room it should go into and that way when we unpack it, we can place that box in a space where it is ready to be unloaded. It can be very tempting to just throw anything you can into any box because “it’s all going to the same place anyway,” but try to be intentional about organizing your boxes so that way you know where to go if you do need to get back into a box before you move it to the next location. It’s always worth it to save yourself a little hassle!


Something that has really helped us is labeling a few important items in each box on the outside of the box under the room name, along with “fragile” in some cases. 

Here is a labeling example: 

KITCHEN- fragile!

  • Kitchen Aid
  • Knife set 
  • Coffee grinder 

This can help you and those who help you move unpack, but it also can help you find which box has a specific item if you know it will be something you might need before unpacking. This often excuses the issue of having to rip open the top of all of your boxes in a rush, just looking for that one pair of pants.

Lastly, when you have your boxes folded up and ready to go, put them in a designated area of your house by the door where it is away from the rest of your living space. My husband and I like to call this the “loadout zone” and our garage works perfectly. It keeps everything that is ready to go out of your headspace so that you can focus on packing up and organizing the items that have yet to be packed. We try to load the larger items, including furniture closer to the door of our garage and the smaller, more unique shaped items near the back so that we could load our vehicle in a way that makes sense. 

As a pro tip, try to clean as you go! I like to keep a spray bottle of multi-surface cleaner and a rag in the loadout zone, just to polish off any furniture before bringing it into our new home. Most likely, you will be extremely exhausted and overwhelmed by the time that you put your items back on your furniture, so try to make it easier on yourself by simply wiping down anything you can.



Moving is a very challenging process, but it can lead to exciting changes and new seasons in our lives. Most of all, have a good time! Blast your favorite Spotify station and white erase the walls till your fingers bleed. Moving is a temporary experience so you might as well try to make it a good one.

Have fun,

Madison Ford


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