Imperfect Produce: More Than Delivered Groceries

This service literally delivers customized, fresh produce and other groceries directly to your door for about 30% cheaper than just buying them at the store. Seriously.

What is Imperfect Produce?

This mission-driven startup is creating America’s first major market for unused produce. They have done this by partnering with farmers across the country to put a use to the food grocery stores deny, usually because of a simple bruise or bump. 

They allow members to customize their box each week, or every other week, and the box of items is delivered to their door, paired with a text reminder that it’s there. The process is fun from the beginning- starting with customizing each week’s produce and groceries, getting your box delivered, all the way to actually enjoying preparing meals that you know are making a difference. Imperfect got me excited to be in the kitchen again, and it makes making healthy choices so effortless.

Here are a few reasons why I love using Imperfect Produce and you will too.

It is Easy

Being a health food-fanatic and working full time can be conflicting and frustrating because both require one limited resource- time. 

Imperfect Produce has helped give my life balance while unintentionally forcing me (or should I say inspiring me?) to infuse healthy ingredients into every meal.

 I used to struggle with finding time to go to the store each week to get produce to plan meals for my husband and I. I would rush off to work with just a cup of coffee and would hope that a random lunch meeting would come up. If not, I would often just run through the drive-through. By the time I got home at the end of the day, I would lean over and open the fridge with exhaustion and it would hit me… we need groceries. Usually, I would be too tired to make another venture to the store, so my husband and I would enjoy a hearty meal of “just figure it out”, which consisted of what was quick and easy, usually spaghetti.

Each week, Imperfect Produce sends you an email a few days before your delivery and allows you to choose which items you’d like. If you will be out of town or eating out often, this makes it easy to choose less, and if you’re eating out less, you can order more.


Even delivery is extremely user friendly. The company actually texts you a tracking link with an ETA for a couple of minutes before dropping off your box, and a follow up confirmation that your box was delivered.

I may or may not have found myself running out to meet the delivery driver halfway down my driveway, squealing, “My produce is here, my produce is here!” Her energy matched mine, laughing and handing over the box of goods, confirming the excitement of everyone involved in the process. 


When I asked Emily Carter, Imperfect’s PR Manager about what makes Imperfect Produce so special, she told me, “Beyond the googly-eyed produce and the delightful experience of receiving a fresh, delicious, waste-fighting box of groceries each week, it’s the people that make Imperfect special. Our team is so committed to our mission and cares deeply about making fresh food more affordable and accessible.”

Personally, I find it very heartwarming to see a business grow so quickly while staying true to their mission and customers, it shows that there truly is a need for companies who give back. If you haven’t already noticed, we have a lot of choices as to where we spend our money, and voting with our dollar is becoming more important than ever. 

The Ability To Use Your Dollars To Make a Difference

Emily told me that recently,  Imperfect Produce became the first grocery subscription service on a mission to reduce food waste. “The problem of food waste is much, much bigger than just produce, which is why we expanded our offerings to include non-produce items like grains, nuts, oils, breads, and other pantry and snack drawer staples.” The work that their team is doing does not stop at fighting food waste in the produce section and across grocery aisles. Their efforts help the environment and economy, both locally and nationally. Imperfect Produce offers farmers a better option, where their produce can help feed the people who need it most instead of going to waste, which makes the food taste even better if I say so myself.

It is Healthy

Each week, the produce and grocery offerings rotate, so it gives me a reminder to try new things. I have tried unique produce and grocery items like fresh roasted “Spotlight” coffee beans for the first time, that are now staple foods in my diet. Not to mention, I find myself accidently eating wholesome, raw ingredients throughout the day just because I have them handy.

By spiralizing zucchini and chopping up some mushrooms, It has turned plain ramen nights into a full pot of a hearty meal full of micronutrients. It has turned our pizza dinner dates into challenges of how many ingredients we can stack on one pie. It has given us an excuse to invest in our bodies and in time with each other, and has changed our energy levels and moods.

With Imperfect Produce’s new grocery section, you are able to order almost anything you would find in the health isle at the grocery store and have it delivered with your fruits and veggies. The only thing better than your favorite foods is being able to cross them off the grocery list before you even get there because they will be waiting on your doorstep. 

I encourage you to check out their website to learn more about the difference they are making, and how you can be a part of it. If you have any questions about Imperfect Produce, feel free to shoot me an email and I would be happy to share more of my experience. 

Peas, love and happiness,
Madison Ford

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