Why we should try natural remedies before taking prescription medication.

I want to start by asking you a couple of questions…

What is one natural way to increase concentration and focus?

How about a prescription that can help concentration and focus? I’m sure that a medication like Adderall came to mind.

One in five college students admits to using Adderall without an ADHD diagnosis, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. That means that 20%- at least 5 people in this a small classroom use a nonprescription drug to help them focus. In that statistic, it only includes those who admitted to it, and it doesn’t include those who have been prescribed ADHD medication either.

We live in a society that wants everything instantly. But when it comes to our body and health, we don’t think about the consequences that pills might take on us.

There are so many healthy and natural remedies for health issues that we ignore- and this laziness can be taking a toll on our bodies.

While living with my grandpa, to help him recover from a full knee replacement, I watched him struggle with addiction. He was prescribed oxycodone as well as Percocet. This spun his mind out of control and created a dependency on the prescriptions. Luckily, my family helped him get off of the prescriptions by monitoring his pain. He started taking CBD drops on his tongue. According to leafscience.com, CBD is the non-psychoactive part of marijuana that doesn’t get you high but helps with pain. It reduces seizures, nausea, tumors and cancer cells! The best part about CBD is that there are no negative side effects, addiction or reported deaths because of it.

 Most people aren’t aware of the natural alternatives available to not only prescription medications but daily pains that we experience. In this blog, I will go over a few problems that we turn to medication for- prescription or not. 

I’m sure a few of us have been hungover before. Most people pop a few Tylenol. According to drugwatch.com, Tylenol is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the United States. The active ingredient in Tylenol accounts for more than 100,000 calls to poison centers, roughly 60,000 emergency-room visits and hundreds of deaths each year in the United States.

Some natural remedies for a hangover is water, drinks with electrolytes like coconut water, honey, and bananas- which is rich in potassium, Lemon helps rebalance the body, by controlling the blood sugar levels and tomato juice, which contains fructose, a type of sugar that helps your body metabolize alcohol more quickly.

Another common issue people have is being able to sleep; insomnia. They will take a melatonin- or shots of liquor! Melatonin can cause vivid dreams and nightmares, grogginess the next day, hormone imbalances and headaches. This is a perfect example of people not listening to their body, and just finding a quick fix for an issue. Your body doesn’t always need the sleep that you want to force on it.

Some things you can do to become more tired are making your bedroom your bedroom, you know so many people do their work in bed- the bed is for sleeping not for stress. Take a hot shower, sip on some night-time tea, eat cherries and bananas! They both have natural melatonin, that won’t throw your hormones off. Turn off screens, meditate/pray, have time before bed to dedicate to winding down- exercise early.

On everyday roots.com, you can find that eating healthy will change your mood in general, but there are certain “happy foods” that can help with serotonin, the chemical in the brain that contributes to “happy.” Some foods are serotonin enhancers, helping to raise those levels naturally. They include -Fish-oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids-Healthy fats, and eggs.

I know that things like depression are different for everyone, and I’m not saying that antidepressants don’t help. But I think that we should try solving health issues naturally. I would still be on antidepressants and wouldn’t have discovered a healthy lifestyle without first trying everything I could to not rely on medication.

According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, in the past 15 years, overdosing on prescription drugs has escalated to over 2 and a half times. And this is only on prescription drugs! How is this happening? Pharmaceutical companies are making billions off of you and I being sick- and fat. They are leading banks, the media, oil, and gas industries and more- only in the past 10 years.

I’m sure that every single person reading this takes any type of medication or at least knows of someone who does. We are an addicted and sick society that has become reliant on a quick fix for issues we might have. Not only are they hurting us, but we are losing so much money to companies that are giving us side effects and hooking us on things we think that we need.

So how do we take charge of our health?

We should try natural remedies to day to day issues that we experience before we take medication for it. If every time we felt pain or uncomfortable, we listened to our bodies and assessed how we felt using a natural remedy, we will have fewer health issues because of medications in the future. According to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, U.S. consumers make 26 trips a year to purchase OTC products spending on average 338$. They only visit doctors, on average, three times a year. If we looked into the symptoms we are having, we can solve major issues rather than popping a pill for a quick fix. There are 180,000 deaths per year by prescription drugs alone. We can lower this number that is higher than ever by first trying natural remedies.

I’m not saying never to take an Advil, or that if you are prescribed a medication that your life is dependent on continue taking it! But what is important to realize is that the number of people who are taking medication doesn’t add up with the number of people who need to. All you need to get out of this is that when possible, research why your body is telling you something, and what alternative solutions you can use.  Imagine a healthy life because you take care of your body.

We can reduce the number of people having serious side effects as well as fatalities. We can save our family members, and ourselves by shifting our view on health. Imagine having control over your body, and knowing exactly what you’re putting into it. Imagine being the healthiest, most sincere “you” that you can be! Try a natural remedy before you resort to an unnatural alternative.

Our body tells us things.

You drank too much

You’re intolerant to this certain food

You’re about to start your period!

You need more rest.

Instead of tuning your body out with painkillers and medication, try a natural remedy first- you’ll thank yourself years from now- as the healthiest you possible!

Stay healthy,

Madison Shines


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