Why you should be active with your dog.

People tell me every single day that my pug is “skinny”.

I am a 10k runner, a rain/ sun/ snow 10 mile hiker and most of all athletic and healthy.

Bugs is a 10k runner, a rain/ sun/ snow 10 mile hiker and most of all athletic and healthy.

It is a common misconception that certain breeds are lazy or fat. No dog is bred to sit in your house and become overweight to the point of needing an insulin shot each day. Yes, bringing a german shepard on a long hike would be more suitable than bringing a chihuahua, but that doesn’t mean that the smaller dog wouldn’t love to go explore or doesn’t deserve to go outside.

Let us start with the importance of being active with your dog, no matter what breed.

According to vetstreet.com, being active isn’t just a nicety; it’s a necessity for maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being for your pet. Between 20%-40% of all pets who come into the vet are overweight, and among this are many obese animals. With the amount of overweight americans, it is transferring to our pets too. How is it fair that we neglect our animals bodies like we neglect ours?

Dogs will behave better if they are able to get active. 

Puppies need an hour of time to run around, while dogs need at least a half hour per day. If dogs do not get outside, they can be very upset and destructive. This can lead to going to the bathroom in the house, chewing on things that are not toys, barking and yelping and more negative effects that are ways to let out energy.

Dogs are living beings. 

Would you leave your child in a cage or a backyard all day every single day? Deciding to get a dog is a commitment to taking it outside and letting it be healthy and thriving- even if you’re not. Just having a backyard isn’t enough for a dog. They cannot make their own workout regimen or do much when they are alone.

Dogs need to explore.

Even if this is a simple walk to a coffee shop or park, there are so many positive aspects for people and dogs besides physical health. Dogs are social animals and on walks are able to meet other dogs, which helps with their social skills as an animal. This can help when you have guests, kids, or other dogs over so that your dog is calm and respectful. Dogs need to sniff, explore and see the wold outside of your property lines.

Overall, pets will be how you are. If you are fat, lazy and tired- your dog will be too. If you are violent and scary- your dog will be too.

If you are healthy, active and happy- your dog will be too!

Stay healthy and happy,




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